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GReat Golf Down Under 2 - Kauri Cliffs, Gary Lisbon

Kauri Cliffs 
Bay of Islands, New Zealand

"Ahh, just my type of golf book – lots of pictures, not much reading. This offering from Gary Lisbon is a belter with world class photography that you want to just keep looking at again and again. I’m sure it will be a hit and one that golfers far and wide will want sitting on their coffee table for years to come. Unlike many coffee table books however, I think it’s one that will get opened again and again and again". Garry K - Hacker Magazine

Great Golf Down Under 2 - Gary Lisbon - Barnbougle Lost Farm, Tasmania

Barnbougle Lost Farm
Bridport, Tasmania

"I just wanted to let you know I received your book and without question it is the finest golf photographic book publication I have ever seen, and I have seen and own several. I believe the mix of picture sizes and how they are laid out is excellent. It certainly makes me want to come back to your part of the world and replay some of the courses I have played and play several I haven’t." Bill A - USA  

Great Golf Down Under - Gary Lisbon - Cape Kidnapper - New Zealand

Cape Kidnappers Golf Course
Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

About the Author - Gary Lisbon
Gary Lisbon

Gary Lisbon has been an accomplished Melbourne-based golf-course photographer for over a decade.

His photographic goal is clear-cut: to capture the essence of the golfing landscape and the spirit of the game through the medium of his camera.

With an appreciation for the game’s traditions, and a genuine love of the game, Gary brings a golfer’s perspective to his photography, ably demonstrated by the spectacular and enduring images from many of Australia’s and New Zealand’s famous golf courses.

Having grown up in Melbourne, Australia, in the middle of the world-famous Melbourne ‘Sandbelt’ region, Gary’s surroundings have provided ample opportunity to practise his photographic skills.

Gary enjoys playing from a single figure handicap at one of the Sandbelt courses featured within Great Golf Down Under 2. A panellist for both the Australian and World Top-100 golf course rating panels, Gary’s images have graced the pages of the golf industry’s premier magazines worldwide.

An early riser by choice – also a vocational requirement – Gary’s patience and creativity are reflected in this series of attractive images which celebrate the striking yet everchanging mood of the “Down Under” golfing landscape.

Gary’s photographic support team consists of his beautiful wife and best friend Maureen, his three gorgeous daughters, Alex, Dani and Grace, and a wonderfully creative God who put into place the varied landscape which Gary has had the privilege to photograph.


“God made it – we just mow the grass”. A catchphrase from a golf course featured within, this statement underscores my focus on how God has provided me, as a photographer, with a wonderful, ever-changing canvas from which to capture his creation.

The diversity of beautiful subject matter – from the tropical climes of Far North Queensland to the mountain range backdrops of Queenstown, New Zealand has reaffirmed my belief in a God who has created all.Furthermore these photographs showcase the extreme variety of golf courses in this wonderful part of the world known as “Down Under”.

The planning for Great Golf Down Under 2 started as soon as the first edition rolled off the printing presses 18 months ago. Whilst not feeling as daunted as during my first time publishing project, I nevertheless wondered, “do golfers enjoy photographs of golf courses?”

The popularity of the first edition (and people asking me when the second edition was to be released), has led me to conclude yes! So thanks to you, my “readers” for enjoying Great Golf Down Under enough to want to get your hands on this second edition. If this is your first chance to look at Great Golf Down Under thank you for your support.

My sincere thanks go to Andrew Cunningham of Studio Pazzo, who diplomatically addressed all of my (sometimes crazy) ideas and pulled them together into a seamless product. In addition to the design work for Great Golf Down Under (editions 1 and 2), Andy’s name appears in the credits for design and layout for the majority of the Melbourne-creation golf publications over the past dozen years. I cannot stress enough the importance of Andy as a partner in this project.

Rod, Mike and the rest of the team at Splitting Image, a colour management firm, expertly carried out their work, enabling the images to be represented just as I envisaged them when photographing the courses. The images contained within have been taken over the last decade. However, in the 18 months since the release of the original edition I have had the chance to revisit many of the courses I had previously photographed.

What has excited me in this regard has been the changing look and feel of many of the golf courses. I am excited that the series of Great Golf Down Under books helps to provide an historical snapshot of how courses change.

Creating these books would have been impossible without the strong support of each golf club and in particular the general managers, secretaries/managers and golf professionals who took pride in allowing me to capture their golf courses at their finest. Their ongoing support of this project has been most welcome. A collective thank you, therefore, to all golf club personnel.

I would also like to acknowledge Michael Clayton, a highly-regarded Australian golf course architect and former tour player. His restoration and design work at many Australian courses featured inside has indelibly left its mark on the Australian golfing scene. Michael’s insightful foreword demonstrates his great knowledge and feel for the game.

My loving and supporting family, also known as my “photographic support team”, have made this journey even more pleasurable. I would like to acknowledge my wife and best friend Maureen, for her constant support, companionship and God-given wisdom. The battle of our three beautiful daughters Alex, Dani and Grace, as to who will accompany me on my motorized cart still brings much amusement.

Your company, whether first thing in the morning in sub-zero temperatures or as the sun set over the horizon, makes the task at hand so much more enjoyable. Whilst this book contains photographic memories of golf courses I encourage my family to try to remember our own favourite moments: was it the luxury of staying in the dunetop villa at Barnbougle (with your own personal TV and bathroom); riding the Shotover Jet in Queenstown, New Zealand; or having to “waste” our school holidays in Port Douglas by returning there when our first assignment got washed out?

These opportunities were priceless and I feel particularly blessed to have been able to take you with me wherever I go. You help inspire me to take these photos and I love you all so much.

To my “readers”: I encourage you to enjoy this publication: to argue amongst yourselves which is your favourite image; to day-dream about playing these courses and to leaf through the pages in no particular order. Golf is a wonderful pastime and I hope these images reaffirm your love of the game. Enjoy!

Gary Lisbon Signature

Gary Lisbon

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